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Changing Home

January 3, 2008

Even in real life, I am an unsettled, wandering spirit. How many times have I moved from place to place for home, I have lost count of. It reflects on my attitude on many things, like this thing called blogging. It was less by choice really than by force of circumstances, in most cases at least, that I have been moving out from one point to another, as in my moving out this month from my former blogging host of more than two years. In this case, my former host, Blog-city, was without question a wonderful host and indeed if it were just a matter of my own free will, I would not leave. Unfortunately, I have to go because the curtains have dropped down on me. Blog-city has ended free-hosting as of December 31. I was thinking of upgrading to premium account for a few hundred bucks but I could not get myself to commit to regular blogging. Tightwad though I am, I would not mind paying but if I could only post one or two a month, as had been the case in the last few months of 2007, it would be such a waste better spent on beer. For another, I was really thinking of laying off on blogging, but what the heck… maybe it’s true some cosmic forces make us do what we do and let humanity do the sifting from the added crap coming from this direction.

In any case, I might be changing the mood of my posts. This account with WordPress is not new, by the way. It was opened a year ago but after one post, I have it abandoned until this entry. I do not know if I would stay long here or if I would go on blogging. I am looking for the right mix– of purpose and inspiration, of color and format, topic, focus that feel right on the guts.

Meanwhile, if you’re wondering how the picture above relates to this post, I just want to see how such a picture would look in this blog design. It’s from my art blog‘s archive.

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