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… and A New Face

January 7, 2008

Look at that… I’ve got a new header. Sat down on it with Photoshop two nights ago. Never thought I could come up with something but worked down on it just the same. First time playing around with text and colors and I was beginning to like it too. Maybe I could go into header design business or maybe logo but I guess CorelDraw would make the better software for this kind of thing. In the next few weeks, I’ll try experimenting on other designs until I really feel thoroughly fixed.

I worked on the widgets too. Didn’t have these stuff in my old blog host. I think they add to the look and feel. Without those things, the right column would just be like a long, large wall of empty space. Am thinking if I could add a logo of, maybe a Nike or Coke or San Miguel beer, it would give the impression I have big corporate sponsors, huh!

But as I was making this post, my site was acting up. Well, it looked like it. The picture I have uploaded in my first post make no appearance anymore. I re-uploaded thrice, four times, the image won’t simply upload. How come my previous upload is no longer even in my draft? I am willing to grant no malice; maybe WordPress is being inundated. It’s the thing that happens when you’re too good to be true, if we go by the good words going around about this host. We’ll see…

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