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Selling Lies

March 15, 2008

When Abalos and Pañelo were daring organizers for speaking invitations similar to that they were extending Lozada, for indeed, Abalos must have an equal opportunity to refute Lozada’s allegations in the name of fairness, I was wondering why no one was considering the proposal. Aside from it being unsporting, that would have been an opportunity to grill the suspect in the NBN-ZTE scandal. Imagine the duo in front of students at any of the universities… oh well, maybe the organizers were just being kind after all. As for the lawyer Pañelo, it could have been a rude awakening for himself as the audience was not too sympathetic in Zamboanga in the early leg of his roadshow: Radio Station Callers Grill Abalos Lawyer.

It ain’t easy selling lies.

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