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Loving Savagery

March 16, 2008

I do not like watching boxing so much, or wrestling for that matter. I find it savage. But I am making an exception with the Marquez-Pacquiao bout, as with all Pacquiao fights. It’s another thing when class A gladiators go up the ring, you’d get to love the naked furiousness of it all especially when your favorite is drawing blood on his opponent. Strange that you would indeed get excited someone is beating into a pulp another human being amid a cheering throng. It’s hard to beat the slowmo imagery of a gloved fist crashing on a jaw with such ferocious velocity you could hear the crisp cracking of a bone as flesh meets rubber, a mix of human liquids colored in various shades of red spewing out in various directions.

I believe I read it somewhere that savageness is indeed closer to our nature. After all, we were savage creatures before we learned to be more gentle. The early human beings were chopping each other’s body parts for early morning stew, remember ? hahaha… this is going too far.

Anyway, I am betting on Pacquiao.

UPDATE: Pacquiao wins! Time to collect.

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