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March 27, 2008

Three questions Mr. Romulo Neri would not want asked of him by the Senate in the ongoing NBN-ZTE scandal Senate inquiry:

1. did the President follow up on the NBN deal? 2. was Neri asked to prioritize the project? 3. did Ms Arroyo give the go-ahead to Neri to approve the deal in spite of the alleged bribery?

His reason— hold your breath— it might impair the diplomatic relations with China!

One more time, just to be sure we got it right— it might impair the diplomatic relations with China.

While the rest of us were looking to connect the unconnected, and sense in the senseless, what do you know, the Supreme Court upholds Mr. Neri!

Ok, I do not know about the genetic make up of the Chinese race, what provokes in them anger or glee and other emotions in the whole wide spectrum. But by tacit implication, Mr. Neri’s is an indirect discourtesy: a simple yes or no in answer to above questions could provoke China into a diplomatic war with the Philippines?! Absurd had not seen better fit than this. What I know of determinism, if we are to find connections in Mr. Neri’s causes and effects, it would be on the level of paranormal or sorcery. Else, Mr. Neri is insulting a government and a race. And impairing rules of logic.

The problem with intellectualizing an idiocy is it transforms the whole thing into comedy — we would be laughing so hard if not that it slurs the senses in more ways than one.

Stupid bastard, this Mr. Romulo Neri, he thinks his fellow Filipinos idiots— and the Chinese too. Then gets nine SC justices to think the same way.  This is highbrowed cretinism; it’s communicable.


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