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March 29, 2008

Step back. Gain a better perspective. Let it sink in. See if you do not see what I see: the utter imbecility of it all that the best legal minds of this country are today expending their energies on pondering about whether this man named Romulo Neri should answer before the Senate investigation panel these three questions or not:

1. did the President follow up on the NBN deal? 2. was he asked to prioritize the project? 3. did Ms Arroyo give the go-ahead to him to approve the deal in spite of the alleged bribery?

Rate the degree of difficulty and cry.

I suppose now that you too could measure the advancement of a nation in the same manner you would a child by the questions it seeks to answer. A child of one points to the bright orb in the night sky, asks you what it is— he is normal. That’s the moon, you say. A boy of sixteen does the same— he is a retard. That’s the sun, you say, you join him. By analogy, as a nation, we compare to the latter. We struggle to find answer to a question so easy and uncomplicated, even quarrel about it,— we are a retarded nation, indeed.

But just what question is it Mr. Neri wants answered that it should need the geniuses of the entire legal profession to dissect? We are making it look like these questions are in the level of Einstein’s relativity theory. Were we to find topnotch physicists converging in one gathering to tackle a like theory, we’d be awed for the grandeur of the mission. For the brightest of lawyers to do the same on a question such as Neri’s, you’d be awed too—for the insanity of it all.

Mr. Neri, you know the answers. You know it more than anybody else. For one man like you to drag the entire justice system— this is totally unconscionable. It is not answers you seek but a shield, you, wimp!

You should be skinned alive.


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