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April 10, 2008

How do you write a hundred-page essay explaining why one plus one is equal to two?

Or need we consult rocket science in divining the wisdom of the SC decision on Neri’s petition for executive privilege?

I go over it again not to refresh my mind– stupid things cling to memory like a leech– but to call attention to the stark obviousness of it all.


Mr. Romulo Neri went to the Supreme Court to prevent the Senate from asking him three questions, yes,  three questions! Here they are, as clear as crystal, all three requiring one-syllable answers:

1. did the President follow up on the NBN deal? 2. was he asked to prioritize the project? 3. did Ms Arroyo give the go-ahead to him to approve the deal in spite of the alleged bribery?

Mr. Romulo Neri does not want the Senators asking him those questions.  His reason?— drum rolls, please— answering them could imperil the diplomatic relations between the Philippines and China!

Read again if you do not feel your senses assaulted by knife and dagger.

You go to the Supreme Court for that!? Jesus Christ! what has the world come to, Mr. Romulo Neri, chairman of the Commission on Higher Education!

Hey, anyway,  it was yet to be resolved by the Supreme Court.  The Supreme Court is home to the country’s best legal minds.  They should see the obvious from a mile away.

But, oh, don’t look now, just when you thought the level of ridiculousness could go no higher in the home of the land’s best legal minds, the Supreme Court upholds Neri!

Diyos na mahabagin!

So the Philippine Senate is compelled to write the equivalent of a one-hundred-page essay explaining why one plus one is equal to two with an appeal not to sense of logic but to kindness.

And this is the Court of Last Resort!

This is insane.


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