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April 16, 2008

Today, the Supreme Court defers action on the petition filed by the Senate re first ruling on Mr. Romulo Neri’s invocation of executive privilege…

…and orders Mr. Romulo Neri to comment on the petition.

Ten days for Neri to reply; ten days too for the Senate for later response.

Twenty days more at least for chewing on each others’ nails.  Hey, it’s like we’re sending the first Filipino to the moon, huh?

Hmm, what will Neri say or add? Indeed, how could one further expound on an idiocy without any added scrape on his honor and dignity? Or before anyone thinks of erecting a statue of him entitled The Man Who Won’t Answer Three Questions Because He Fears A War With China?

This is tiring and exasperating. but I will cut and paste from another entry:

Three questions Mr. Romulo Neri would not want asked of him by the Senate in the ongoing NBN-ZTE scandal Senate inquiry:

1. did the President follow up on the NBN deal? 2. was Neri asked to prioritize the project? 3. did Ms Arroyo give the go-ahead to Neri to approve the deal in spite of the alleged bribery?

His reason— hold your breath!— it might impair the diplomatic relations with China!

Jesus Christ!  I’ve been searching high and low, far and wide— as to why a no or a yes could raise the hackles of China because as an admirer of Chinese civilization, something here just don’t feel right.  If I were a Chinese official, I could only infer someone’s making a scarecrow of my country China, and we ought to file a protest posthaste.

What followed was another idiocy, of course: SC upholds Neri!— hahahahahaha!— which makes it even more monumental…!

Susmaryosep! A bar flunkie could be forgiven— but SC magistrates?

Oh, well,… if anything, see how a lie develops from first level idiocy quite harmless, when subtle maneuvers were yet okay, and so on… and how it gets progressively worse in stages as it goes,  as when crap starts dripping from your nose and mouth and pores, like pus, and you wouldn’t even mind.

Forgive me, but I trade reason with reason, with insult, insult.

Neri’s invocation, ladies and gentlemen, is a naked insult to common sense– forget intelligence!

As for the SC?

So sad. So very, very sad!  For as it is, we have reduced our nation’s intellectuals into pondering on three stupid questions.  This while some nations are pondering on how to land a man on Mars.

What retards we have become!

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