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May 16, 2008

Below was an open letter written by now Senator Juan Ponce Enrile to Oscar Lopez of Meralco dated September 25, 2002.  Here I reprint in toto for my future reference as I am as interested to know the answer to the question: Did Marcos steal Meralco?

(Found the link at MLQ3’s blog)

Dear Oskie,

I read with amusement your reply to my statement regarding the Benpres-Meralco Foundation transaction as reported in the media. While this may now appear as a running debate between the Harvard Law School and the Harvard Business School, it is really for the benefit of the public to know the truth behind the Meralco story.

You are of course entitled to your own version of the events and facts. However, I would like to ask you, if you care to answer me, the following questions:

  1. Was your letter addressed to your “Dearest Tatay and Nanay” also forced on you by Marcos?
  2. Was the memorandum of your father, Eugenio Lopez, Sr., to Mr. Alfredo Montelibano dated March 4, 1973, dictated and forced by Marcos on your father, Eugenio Lopez?
  3. I have a letter of Eugenio Lopez, Sr. to Mr. Emilio Abello dated October 6, 1973.
    Was this letter also dictated and forced by Marcos on your father, Eugenio Lopez, Sr.?
  4. I also have the letter of Mr. Alfredo Montelibano, Chairman of the Board of Meralco Securities Corporation to Alejandro Melchor, Chairman of the Power Development Council, dated April 10, 1973.Was that letter also dictated and forced by Marcos on Mr. Montelibano?
  5. I also have the letter of Emilio Abello, dated September 14, 1973 to Continental Illinois National Bank and Trust Co. of Chicago, 231 So. La Salle Street, Chicago, Illinois 60690.
    Was this letter also invented, dictated and forced by Marcos to Mr. Abello?
  6. I also have the memorandum of Mr. Alfredo Montelibano, Senior Vice President of Manila Electric, dated June 13, 1973 to Mr. Eugenio Lopez, President, “Re: Manila Electric Co.”
    Was this memorandum also an invention of Marcos and dictated and forced on Mr. Montelibano?

I have more documents but this is enough for now.

I earnestly request you, Oskie, to please inform the people about the above documents. Since these letters and documents were exchanges written by you, members of your family and your associates, perhaps you honestly think that you are the ultimate authority to speak on the matter. I just hope you do not begrudge me for laying all of these out in the open for the public to make their own judgement – IN THE INTEREST OF TRUTH.

SIGNED BY JPE (9-25-02)
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