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June 26, 2008

You are in a leadership training seminar and you are asked the following question:

You are a president of a country and you are to board your plane in eight hours for an official visit to the United Sates.  A supertyphoon has just entered your country and by the early hours  with its display of strength and fury, by calculation, a major devastation is expected along its trail.  In fact, a ferry carrying hundreds has been heard to have sunk in the seas.  Will you proceed or cancel?

The answer will tell us easily whether you are a leader or not, or at least what kind of leader you are.


Technology has its limitations.  Let’s illustrate.

You are in bed terribly ill.  Your mama and papa are busy people, bigwigs in business and politics.  They have important businesses to attend to, they say. They get you good doctors and nurses. To be sure, they get a teleconferencing equipment inside your room set up so they can check on you and talk to you and the medical team from time to time.  Your fever is sky high;  you are pale and vomiting  when they leave you in a rush.  They kiss you in the cheek and whisper into your ears: “this is for your future, son.”  You complain but they tell you: “in this age and time, my son, it’s like we are sitting by your bedside”.

If you were the child, would you call them ideal parents?  If you were the parent, how the hell could you?

Postscript: (courtesy of The Equalizer at

The Australian:

Gloria Arroyo ‘fiddles as Rome burns’

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