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July 1, 2008

Condemn a righteous man, and you exalt him as you condemn yourself. Jail a just man and every day in prison is an added luster to his glory in the same manner that every whip lashing on an upright man’s flesh leaves on him a mark of honor which is to his tormentor an ugly scar of shame in his soul.

When the people elected Trillanes to office as senator, Your Honors, they wanted him to serve as senator. That is as straightforward as it could get. How do you give meaning to the principle that sovereignty resides in the people by casual disregard of that mandate, a mandate made even more stark clear by his trouncing of the likes of Defensor, Pichay or Zubiri, they with an oozing cash supply, and the administration-backed open campaign against him? The issue here is not just about him, for he could very well be anybody, but more importantly the due respect for the people’s vote. How could you miss that, Your Honors? You have aligned yourself with his tormentors and in the process made a martyr of him who would otherwise be embarrassing himself in the Senate floor of his immaturity and amateurishness.

Anyhow, perhaps he’s better off in jail just yet. Prison builds character in ways we do not understand but he will. Time, a resource we “free” men take for granted, he has plenty of. Books are great company. Solitude and silence purify the soul. It would cure him of moral arrogance idealists like himself are prone to, for example. Ask the great men and women in history who spent time behind bars and earned wisdom in the process. You do not earn that with a doctorate degree. He’ll probably be our president one day, who knows? A doctorate in economics or a degree in law are perhaps the last things a leader needs to lead this nation. Innate leadership skill, commitment to some ideals, tempered with wisdom earned in quiet suffering inside a cold prison cell are perhaps more suitable to the times.

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  1. July 1, 2008 12:14 pm

    Remember this is the Supreme Court that illegally overthrew Erap Estrada, so the fact of his being elected senator is really small potatoes. And then again, the same fact appears to be small potatoes to him too, considering he’d rather play tin soldier and military rebel. What a waste of 10 million votes or whatever. People want him acting like a Senator, not another Gringo running around with his hormones showing. he’s made his bed. now let him lie in it.

  2. July 1, 2008 12:48 pm

    “People want him acting like a Senator…”

    Hmm, like Senator Enrile or Santiago perhaps? hehe

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