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July 26, 2008

Good thing about movie piracy, you get to watch obscure but outstanding pieces of work from equally obscure places. Nice break from regular numbing fares. Else, it’s all the usual Hollywood formula stuff and Mother Lily materials.

There’s a small shopping area where you find these things near the terminal where I take my bus ride home. At seventy bucks per DVD, stuffed with sixteen to more than twenty movies, it’s great bargain. Not high quality recording though. There’s also one back home in the public market deep in the interior selling them dirt cheap at P40, the quality though is correspondingly worse. The usual problem of bad, if not hilarious, subtitles remains, but you somehow learn to ignore them after a while. So there, I now have quite a modest collection in my cabinet containing more than a hundred movies some half of which I have yet to see.

Among them of course are sex movies from soft to hardcore. The hardcore ones are buried deep now hardly ever watched. See, if you want real porn, go look for them on the Web where there’s a good number of beautiful people who just love being watched in the raw act. But I won’t help you. Just beware: these sites are favorite hangouts of vicious malwares on the prowl for systems to infect.

These past few weeks, I went retrieving some from my stack looking for those I have missed and netted three I find good all in one DVD. If it had to do with my frame of mind at the time, I don’t know, but these were movies with lots of sex in them; and by sex , I mean, real stark naked sex: fucking, petting, oral sex, and all, in graphic realism. Beyond the sex part though, these are serious, well-crafted films, with fine actors giving it life– filmfest materials if you ask me. To be sure, while R-rated porns are not even this graphic, they do not strike you like porns do. Porn has an air of dark and malicious unreality to it. Here, there is a whiff of soft brutality in its frankness, like life stripped bare of all its covers.

Ken Park


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  1. July 30, 2008 4:18 am

    hmmmm.. havent seen movies or film like these before… better find one… hehehe!

  2. ricelander permalink*
    July 31, 2008 12:28 am

    If you’re anywhere in Manila, should not be a problem.

    You sure, you’re not a minor eh haha.

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