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August 5, 2008
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MLQ3’s Peace In Our Time? draws this comment from one who calls himself PSI:

Talking of Peace in our Time:

This could well be a Game of the Generals, which the civilian leadership were unknowingly co-opted to play.

Let’s face it , military men are Machiavellian creatures. It could be that a raw deal was prepared by the hawks disguised as peaceniks knowing that it will not be acceptable and lead to another war in Mindanao.

More like War Dance! Again.

I think he makes a lot of sense.

It does seem incongruous: a General Hermogenes Esperon so gungho on a MOA so accommodating to the enemy?  It’s odd.  This guy Esperon is a hawk not a dove, by any stretch.  Now, get a sense of it by the outrage it just stoked in these late hours as thousands march to denounce  what they perceive as grand treachery by the government.  This as the MILF insists the Bangsamoro land is a done deal despite the Supreme Court’s TRO.   You have a DFA top honcho no less giving assurance it’s all just a temporary setback backed up by Malacañang pronouncements that the persuasive power of the state is going to be deployed in support of the MOA, you have a tonic more powerful than ever to feed and raise MILF’s cheekiness.

Then this:

… From Marietta Goco, supposedly this SMS sent by Vice-Gove. Pinol: “My beloved people. 2nite I was told by a top govt official that if our opposition 2b included in d ARMM will result in MILF attacks.d Armed Forces wl not b able 2 help us all out bcos that is d policy of this govt. If this is d case we hav 2defend ourslvs. Let us be brave &stand firm. God is with us. Pls pass & pray.”

Yesterday I was listening on the radio and Vice Governor Piñol was being interviewed by Joe Taruc at DZRH.  He was recounting to Taruc in a despairing voice how Hermogenes Esperon told him exactly that, after seeking his help on the treacherous attacks being launched by the MILF in various areas: “we can’t help you”.

In this context, Joaquin Bernas’ thesis that the MOA is just a piece of paper without legal effect, is off the the point.  The MOA, with or without legal effect, is now serving as moral and strategic boost to their claim of ancestral domain.  It is the fuel to advance their cause by push and by shove.  On the other end, you have an outraged majority who feel strongly it was sold out blind to the other side by, of all people, the government.  Here’s a tinderbox about to explode.

Now, if it is true that GMA intends to stay beyond 2010 as Tribune reports, and Mindanao ” is just a red herring”, you get a clearer picture.

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