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August 15, 2008

Scary silence in Malacañang writes Jove Francisco:

For two straight days now, the President managed to be incognito and far away from the prying eyes of the journalists covering her in Malacanang.

The President may have opted to stay mostly inside the palace these past few days, but she’s been quite busy meeting with lawmakers, cabinet officials and LGU officials, too.

Their SUVs parked just outside the New Executive Building betrayed the supposed intent to make the meetings low key and under the media’s radar. (Some see this as a consolidation of forces at a time that there are moves to amend the constitution, especially because congressmen and local leaders have key roles in the whole process.)

Scary, indeed.  What are they cooking up?  Something’s afoot if we go by his telling account about an inicident last Tuesday, the last time he and fellow reporters saw the President:

I was chatting and giggling with NBN4’s Rocky Ignacio, when the President arrived and went straight up the second floor.

I immediately heard a number of lady reporters point out an incident “that happened just a few seconds ago.”

Turned out, Mrs. Arroyo displayed two facial expressions when she saw the MPC members and before she went up the stairs: a surprised look and a displeased face that as one reporter described it was like: “napangiwi sa inis”.

I even asked “Teka, hindi ba ganyan naman ang pangulo lagi?”

They chorused: “iba ito, ibang iba!”

The night before, she spoke for Charter change.   The response was quick and furious: no to Charter change.  Even her allies are reluctant.

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