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October 8, 2008

It is clear by now that The Daily Tribune has cast its lot with Senate President Manny Villar on the C5 insertion controversy.  No problem with that for as long as it sticks to issues and stays consistent with principles as it championed in the past without favor.  You plaster up front such a slogan as “without fear or favor,” you better live by it and live with it.    But the opposition paper is now sounding more the rabid guard dogs that Ermita or Bunye or Dureza are on President GMA.  The lines ring familiar, if phrased differently: where’s the proof of any wrongdoing? this is purely politics! this is old hat! How ironic because Tribune would routinely sneer at such a repartee when coming from the direction of the Palace.

The issue about the alleged budgetary “insertion” needs explaining from no less than Speaker Villar himself as the proponent of the budget “amendment”.  To this day, it is not clear even to me, and my IQ is not low, whether in fact it was an error, a backhanded insertion, a legit allocation or what.   This is a case of too much ado over nothing?!  If anything at all,  the paper should at least ask Villar to get out and come clean, if oh so gently, as it was wont to do on Malacañang in the past, with fists raised in righteous indignation.  Up to now,  Villar has yet to come out openly to answer the charges point by point except for denials couched in the most general terms.   That Tribune does not seem to mind this uncharacteristic dodging by one supposedly being falsely accused only betrays motivation.  Oh, try this: were it the First Gentlemen the person involved in a similar controversy, would it be as defensive and dismissive?  Even Joker Arroyo whom its publisher often refer to as Honorable Shit now gets to be quoted so often to buttress its defense of the Speaker.  Funny shit!

As I was saying, in friends, what are harmless defects, in enemies, they are a despicable abomination.  For people we despise,  we allow them the eye of a needle; for our friends and allies, the whole wide mouth of the Mississippi River.

Human nature.

Now, will Tribune ever even read this: a case for plunder?

Villar as presidential candidate is damaged goods and so is Tribune’s credibility.

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