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October 9, 2008

I don’t know but when I saw a picture of Teehankee on the Internet just as the news of his release broke out, I felt a tingle.  He reminds me of Hanninal Lecter, cold and composed and dapper, and it’s kinda scary.   There’s something about the gruesome murder that suggests a criminal, malevolent mind.  How old was he then? mid 40’s? to blame youthful rage?  And what was that petty quarrel all about?    Figure out what kind of man could shoot in cold-blooded fashion such helpless, harmless victims begging for their lives.   This man is insane and dangerous!  And when you learn that he is leaving jail not a changed man at all showing “no indication that he was remorseful for the killing of Maureen Hultman and Roland John Hapman and the near fatal attack on Jussi Leno”, there’s even more reason to get scared.

I have a relative who spent time in prison for illegal possession of firearms.  He was out after appeal in about four years.  Before his prison time, he was his family’s big bad wolf.  One time, he almost killed his brother with a bayonet after a spat one Good Friday.  The family was expecting a changed man.  In prison, he was well-behaved.  He played the part for a few weeks even drawing pity for the inconsideration of those who won’t give him a chance.  It became apparent later on that one thing he learned in prison was acting: acting pitiful, acting underdog, acting innocent.  The family was dejected.   In a few months, he was back to his old evil ways in full measure.  The family that was all quiet all the time he was in prison is back in mayhem.  A year or two after his release, he figured in a gunfight, him against three. The story was he walked away from the scene of the fight bloodied, took a tricycle and headed to another relative a few kilometers away as his fallen adversaries were rushed to the hospital.  As he sat on a bench waiting for an ambulance and his mother for rescue, he swallowed a grain of shabu and joked around with the relative while blood flowed on the floor.  He survived, to his doctor’s amazement, to tell his Wild West experience.  To this day the family is wondering whether it was a good idea he ever left prison.

Some it seems are born really bad.

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  1. Mitch permalink
    October 10, 2008 5:04 pm

    Why this guy was released out of prison? Ouch. Gonzalez dont know what he was talking. Shame on you.

  2. Harry King permalink
    October 12, 2008 2:04 am

    Teehankee served 14 years in prison with a record of “good behavior”, his family paid civil damages to the Hultmans and according to sources, he personally apologized to the Hultmans. What is there that can stop the law from releasing him from prison? Many think a temporary parole should be better than an absolute pardon; but, a man under parole is still capable of committing crimes, so there is really very small difference between the two.

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