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October 23, 2008

On the Senate investigation on the Russian scandal today, I caught Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago who is chair of the investigating panel indignantly mouthing interesting lines directed to the DILG chief Ricardo Puno: “I am angered when I am lied to with a straight face!” and ” an innocent man must be brave as a lion!”  I thought I also caught there a fleeting moment of unease.   Remember that some years back, she was famous for this quote: “I lied, I lied!” followed by a loud guffaw when reminded about a promise she made to jump from a helicopter  (in what circumstance she made those I could not now recall), a promise Puno probably laments now for not having been fulfilled.  Of course, she made a joke of herself then as we all do from time to time.  But if it were me in her shoes today, I would have choked a little.  It is one thing to make fun of oneself once in a while but when you make such public pronouncements about principles to establish moral high ground, it’s a another thing altogether, though comical still in a different sense.  After all, her most favorite President is known for lying through her teeth with a straight face and was never as brave as a lion about the very serious allegations against her.  Yet in all those times did we see any hint of anger in Senator Santiago.  Nah, she was happily part of the defensive wall who mocked all GMA accusers.

An advice we make to the Euro-generals (ah, what a shameful tag to acquire in exchange for a bounty that went for naught): review the recent past.  There are ample lessons to learn from there.  Look for an equivalent of or something close to the President’s executive privilege.  Accuse Senator Santiago and company of political grandstanding.  Remind them of grander scandals that would make the P10M look like loose change.   Hide, or better yet, burn documents and scare away or buy witnesses then taunt your accusers:”where’s your evidence?” as you insist that the courts are the proper forum not the legislature. Let this matter simmer down for months then when things are cooler, you declaim the famous line “let’s move on!” because this pettiness is diverting us from the real problems.  Most important, bury all shame, gentlemen.

In short, use GMAs tried-and-tested strategy before she applies for patent.  It worked for her so well.  It should work for you too.

Ah, but the life is not fair.

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