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December 4, 2008

Discover Magazine: 20 best brains under 40… in the field of science, I suppose…

Terence Tao, mathematician

Jeffrey Bode, organic chemist

Katey Walter, ecologist

Amy Wagers, stem cell biologist

Joseph Teran, mathematician

Jack Harris, applied physicist

Sarkis Masmanian, biologist

Doug Natelson, condensed matter physicist

Michael Elowitz, biologist

Changhuei Yang. electrical and bioengineer

Adam Riess, astrophysicist

Nicole King, molecular and cell biologist

Luis von Ahn, computer scientist

Tapio Schneider, environmental scientist

Sara Seager, astrophysicist

Jon Kleinberg, computer scientist

Edward Boyden, euroengineer

Richard Bonneau, systems biologist

Shawn Frayne, inventor

Jonathan Pitchard, geneticist

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