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December 11, 2008

Luis Villafuerte, Mikey,  Ronnie Puno and the rest of Kampi, read this, you math illiterates:

The whole of Congress has 261 legislators: 23 senators + 238 congressmen.  If you adhere to the idea that the two chambers are co-equal, you do not refer in any manner to numbers for clearly 23 is not equal to 238.  The insanity you are advancing, that the two chambers should convene and vote as one on the issue of charter change,  looks like this:


Senate:  23 /261= 8.81%;

Lower House:  238/261=91.19%pie1

Where oh where do we find the concept of co-equality and bicameralism here, you idiots?  And you want lawyers with titles of Associate Justice and Chief Justice to join the fun through an experiment in convoluted writing which you hope could be induced through proper motivation and make  ’em shame the profession yet even more since Shakespeare’s  “let’s kill all the lawyers”?

Jesus Christ, whatever happened to you, people?  Have you lost it all?

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