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December 25, 2008

Alex Magno of Philippine Star says:

I nearly fell off my seat last Wednesday listening to Cory Aquino declare Edsa Dos a mistake and apologizing to the president deposed as a consequence of a people’s just indignation against a regime of corruption.

If he were anywhere close, I would have given him a little push so he would fall real hard on his sorry ass.

Regardless of my conviction that EDSA 2 was a mistake,  to this day I give allowance to the sentiment of those moments.  It was a politically explosive scandal and it surely did not help that legalism ruled the day when it would have helped defuse the simmering situation, using common sense, to have had simply allowed the opening of the so-called second envelope which was the center of controversy.  It was made even worse with Estrada reduced to taunting his foes with roguish statements like ” pupulutin kayo sa kangkungan!” or “mag-presidente muna kayo@#!” But as they say, it is all bridge over the water now.


But back to Mr. Magno.  Magno was with EDSA 2 and as he says, he will always be proud having been with the mass movement.    Here he goes:

… We were in the streets then because it had become abundantly clear that a band of thugs had overrun our government…

We were in the streets then because corruption had become so flagrant that the future of our children was in jeopardy. We were in the streets then because, despite the obvious costs to our institutions, a government that offended our common morality had to either step down or be deposed.

…They apportioned among themselves all the areas where power could yield profit.

We were in the streets then because the political leadership had become an embarrassment…

… And yes, we were in the streets then because critics of the powers-that-be were kidnapped and killed, their remains burned and their bones ground to conceal the dastardly deed.

W-wait.    Teka, teka,  sandali lang.  Hold it there.  Did we copy him correctly?

Really now, because if Mr. Magno  did spend time to reflect on his words more, how would he  have missed it… how would he have missed  the glaring fact that his very descriptions of the Estrada regime he proudly claims he helped depose then now more accurately describes the very regime he now serves with unquestioning loyalty?   Talk about thugs in the GMA government beginning with Chavit Singson and the First Thug, if you can find competition.  Talk about having apportioned power to wherever profit could be had beginning with IMPSA scandal to NBN-ZTE.  Talk about a leadership that has become an embarrassment beginning from “Hello, Garci!” to FGs recurring “diarrhea”.  Talk about disappearing critics of government and compare figures with General Palparan.  Talk about flagrant corruption and how the fuck we slid down to being now, how so shameful, the most corrupt country in Asia eight years since GMA was put into power in the name of, hold your breath, moral regeneration.   Talk about other embarrassments, scandals, thuggery, immorality, sheer shamelessness, etcetera… and  see if  the GMA government is in any danger of losing out in the contest in both quantity and quality, in gravity and sweep.

The point Mr. Magno is this: your description of Estrada’s government is correct on most counts,  but if it were correct then it is more so now—  magnified and multiplied ten or so times.  But the big, big difference is, wonder how it escapes your brilliant mind, you rose to help depose Estrada’s government in EDSA 2 then and proudly claims participation like a badge of honor, while now you serve in various highly-paid capacities defending with vehemence this government.  How’s that for moral consistency, you, asshole?!

At least, Estrada possessed legitimacy earned through a democratic contest nobody questioned.

Since when did it become a mistake to cry out loud against the rape of our institutions?

LOL! or better yet ROFL!  You call this now political grandstanding, don’t you?

… Cory is just being her plain self. For her there are no historical meanings larger than her pet peeves. There are no large principles that cement bonds that outlast the vagaries of everyday politics, only alliances of conveniences and transient friendships.

When Cory was president, the political lines were always defined by who she likes and who she dislikes. She never went beyond the politics of personality. She did not let the logic of statesmanship overwhelm her own sympathies and antipathies.

That is her operational code. She goes by how she feels towards specific individuals. She honors debts of gratitude and feels bad if the favors she had given are not returned when she expects them to be.

That is also the operational code of the variety of elite politics that has ruled this country for generations. Cory does not only personify it; she lives it.

I do not dispute these propositions, but hey, do not those descriptions apply more accurately now to the President you presently serve so well?    Dispute me by giving us names of  personalities in GMA government suggesting excellence and competence, or patriotism and love of country– if I would run out of fingers in my two hands, let’s see.

Double standards, pure and simple.  And Alex Magno knows it.  But he dishes them out like a  piece of wisdom.  Fucking asshole, this Alex Magno!

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