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January 19, 2009

It is my nature—I am loyal to  fault, from people to things; and that includes  cell service providers.  I was a Smart subscriber ever since first time I owned a cell phone many many years back and never thought of migrating to another.  But after four cell cards and autoloads totaling more than a thousand bucks that flowed out like water on a leaking bucket, enough is enough. My power as a consumer, I have decided to exercise:  I am junking Smart.

Just to be sure, I’ve asked around friends and colleagues.  Is it just me, maybe? They wondered aloud: you mean you notice Smart’s game only now?!!  All except one were Smart subscribers before their own big switch months ahead.  Globe is a lot better, they advise me, even in signal.   And so the switch starting tomorrow.

Smart has this 206 line for their promos.  I guess it started then.  It bugs  with endless raffle promos that come streaming down even in the most inconvenient hours.  But unlike other promos  which could be unsubscribed or blocked, this one just won’t fucking go away because they come with no button for off!  Now the thing is they seem to be charged from the load balance!  I’ve heard about that before but I dismissed it as something improbable, until lately.

Yesterday, I did a test.  I eloaded my phone with a hundred bucks.  I texted a friend five blocks away: “are we gonna have a jamming today, bro?”  Then came a flurry of  messages on 206.  I checked my balance: dialed 1515.  Surprise, it worked: “your current balance is P68 and 0 free txt msgs”.  What? P32 for an 8-word message!  I did that for three more messages before balance inquiry service went off as it often does.

I am wondering if it’s a scheme to recoup payments they are making to extortionist insurgents just to be spared from sabotage of their towers.  Or some people are making a fast buck.

Oh well…

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  1. February 25, 2009 3:55 am

    i am junking smart for globe. why? i can’t understand why smart pays revolutionary tax to the communist party and the NPA . that’s why pala there reception towers in the country are not bomb by these terrorists.
    The right thing for them to do is to report the matter to proper authorities. di dapat kunsentihin.

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