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February 11, 2009

The St. Luke’s Hospital and Medical Center is fast turning into a five-star refuge of criminal suspects.  Jaime Paule, wanted by the Senate for contempt over a multimillion peso fertilizer fund scam investigation, has just checked in for a blocked carotid.  Another, Jocelyn Bolante, suspected principal of the same scandal, also checked in there months before  supposedly due to a cardiac problem before surrendering to the Senate later.  We should not be surprised if one big fat man, suspected of being the chief architect of all known grand scams in the last eight years, will check in too in the next few days.


But there are lessons to learn.  In this country, it helps to have a disease of the heart or a life-threatening ailment if you want a piece of the underground action.   No one here is ever immune to soap opera.  Cry a river, oh cry persecution, hold on to your breast like you are about to die of heart attack anytime and everybody’s compassion is surely going to be aroused, yes, even if you have committed a crime worth a hundred years in jail.

Diarrhea, too, but too filthy to buy sympathy, it sure could buy time.

Laugh, ladies and gentlemen, laugh…

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