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February 13, 2009

daniel-smith2Daniel Smith, convicted rapist of a woman named Nicole,  is going to jail.  Poor guy, one quick sex in a backseat and he gets a life sentence in the calaboose.

Was it rape?  Nicole says it so;  she’s a woman, and a woman has absolutely no reason to lie about her being raped, or so goes the verdict.

In the case at bar, I go with my gut feel and raw experience…

Here was a young man and a young woman looking for adventure,  as any would be in one’s youth.  They went exploring the field, met in a bar, flirted with one another, downed bottles of beer and got drunk.  As it often happens in young people overflowing in libido, inhibitions gradually overcome by alcohol, they soon found themselves surrendering willingly to lustful moments.   Just one of those regular trysts between consenting adults having the hots for each other taking place nightly in these parts, this was.

Only something  went wrong somewhere…

The morning after, Nicole woke up to a news she was raped, dumped in a sidewalk.    Having drunk one too many, her recollections of the night before was fuzzy.  Was she raped, she could not say for sure.  As the details were pieced together, the picture started looking ugly.   You admit it’s one wild night having kinky sex with a good-looking stranger,  an object of derision and contempt you will be  all your life.  And in this land of sweet and proper Maria Clara, this simply is unacceptable; such vulgar indiscretion, so it goes, reflects on all who is Filipina.  So how the hell do you salvage the wreckage?

It’s our double standards.  A man or a boy gives in and dives into the temptation of the moment, he’s a hot-blooded male, macho, lalakeng-lalake, pride of the community and the entire male specie.  A woman or a girl does the same, she’s a  sex maniac, a whore, babaeng pakawala, shame of the community and the entire sisterhood of Maria Clara.  Conversely, you find a man or a boy running away from the temptation, he’s fucking gay, a contemptible one for his being fake.  A woman or a girl does the same, she’s a paragon of virtue,  a woman of substance, pride of the community and the entire race.

It is not rape.  If anything at all, it is dumping Nicole in one of the side streets in her unkempt state to the view of everyone tearing apart all of her dignity— that’s your sin, Smith.   You do not allow that to happen to a lady for whatever reason, even beating a curfew.  Fuck her all you want but deliver her home properly, okay?

Meanwhile, there is a Filipina image to redeem,  kaya sorry ka na lang, Daniel, baby. But wait, your US of A will never let this thing ever happen to one of its fighting soldiers, right? And we will not go to war because of Nicole’s lost honor,  right?

And as a lesson for you, guys: if you wanna get laid with a drunk lady, get yourselves videoed, just in case…

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  1. February 14, 2009 6:25 pm

    If that is the case then it is “amor propio” and an injustice has been done but then again that is the Philippines where justice is like finding a needle in a haystack.

    Oh well, since it is valentines Day why not just spread the love and not hate……

  2. February 15, 2009 12:01 am

    Hi. Pedestrian. Thanks for passing by.

    I would merrily join the lynching if I had no doubts.

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