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March 20, 2009

I am a sucker for unlikely endings.

If I were a movie writer, I would pirate the story of the Subic rape case, with an unlikely twist toward the end: Nicole and Daniel walking down the aisle.

Now, why can’t I stop myself from giggling…?

Seriously now, the Subic rape case involving Nicole, or Suzette Nicolas, the Filipina “victim”, and Daniel Smith, the US marine corporal “rapist”, is likely going to end in a reversal of conviction now that Nicole has issued an affidavit casting a shadow of doubt in her own previous narration of  her rape.  We’ll be in for some legal acrobatics in the next few days and weeks to give way for Daniel’s freedom but heck,  legal matters make my head ache.   It will surely raise the hackles of nationalists, leftists,  Nicole-was-raped believers and Smith-must-be-skinned-alive crowd but the noise will die down in time because, let’s face it,  a sexual tryst gone wrong is simply not an inspiring reason to go to war.

I would love to see instead Daniel Smith getting out of incarceration and he going after Nicole this time as an honest-to-goodness love-stricken suitor.

Do I hear people snickering or rolling on the floor laughing?

See, I saw the pictures of Nicole and Daniel side by side for the first time on a broadsheet front page yesterday and I thought I saw two people who would make a very lovely couple, people who would look good together holding hands, or together naked making love.  Both good-looking, their faces seem to be congenial in a strange kind of way.  “Bagay”, we would say.  Makes you wonder what it would have been indeed had the circumstances been any different.  In another setting,  it would not be difficult to imagine them as lovers smitten with one another.   The torrid details of their initial encounter– lap dancing, dirty dancing,  kissing,  and all that — to my mind suggested of two individuals with genuine, if raw, attraction for one another,  who if left alone to themselves will burn the sheets and bed in endless hours of sex.  That is why from the start, I thought it couldn’t be rape,— just two lovers caught in a whirlpool of circumstances that went out of control and turned ugly and nasty because ideology suddenly came into the mix from out of nowhere and turned the whole thing into a monstrous spectacle.

It would be a boring love story though were we to write it for the screens without the mix-ups and entanglements as we saw played out in full measure.  The whole drama spreading out into national consciousness then to politics and foreign policy,  from angry throngs converging on the streets for days on end,  to two governments engaged in occasionally tense diplomatic wranglings,  zooming in to some of the most sizzling reality courtroom dramas ever seen in years, to  long acrimonious debates in forum after forum,  plus record-setting tv primetime news in living rooms— you get all that,  sex, shock, awe, drama, and nerve-wracking complications worth a Hollywood super blockbuster and even an Oscar for best story.

So, okay, Daniel baby, follow my script, will ya’, as I have the copyright for this, and you’ll be getting, what, 5%, …LOL…

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  1. March 26, 2009 7:55 am

    No way! Sorry. Nicole is a bitch who just wanted to scape her past. Shame on her.

  2. March 26, 2009 11:22 am

    Hmmm, in your blog you were more sympathetic.

    But hey, thanks for dropping by.

  3. Starr permalink
    May 18, 2009 9:53 pm

    Hahahah actually I’ve read several similar ideas but I CAN’T IMAGINE THAT!

    No, NO WAY! But then, I tried and I as laughing. It’s freaking disgusting!!

    Daniel Smith becomes racist towards the Filipinos and hates them so much because of what they done. One day he meets ME (yes, me because I like him so much hahahaha and if I had the chance to visit him while he was locked up, I’d freaking do) and he becomes my mortal enemy…

    but ends up falling in love with ME anyways and marries me.


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