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May 13, 2009

It’s understandable that everyone’s falling over in praise of Manny Pacquiao after his stunning win over Ricky Hatton.  But what is this:  Pacquiao as DOJ chief’s intelligence aide and ambassador for peace and understanding?  Poor guy, he probably could sense he is being taken for a ride but how could he decline without being rude?

Ok, let me join the fun.

What about Ambassador for Everything or Special Assistant for Universal Concerns…

An honorary doctoral degree is probably in the works now.

One more win and he will be Assistant God.

The luxuries of wealth and fame are many, so are the burdens.  Followers and fans are like a swarm of mosquitoes and flies after a while.  Your real friends, the ones who really care who will come to you in time of need, who among them are these?   Most likely, they are taking the backseat in your time of glory, crowded out by the more enthusiastic fans cum con artists.

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