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May 21, 2009

Do you like to be a global celebrity like Pacquiao?

Of course, yes! yeas! yes! YES!

Do you like to be as rich?

Sure, sure, even a tenth will do!!

Do you like being the toast of the town, surrounded by global VIPs, diplomats, Hollywood and NBA superstars, leaders of the world paying their respect to you, media calling you a hero, gorgeous women making passes … do you like all that…?

Oh, surely, who would want less than that if one could help it.. of course, yes yes YES! …

Do you like to have his face?

Ahh, yeah…I, well.. uhhmm… ahhh, alright lemme think… I think can live with it… though I prefer mine anytime.  Heck, if I had those millions, I can have it fixed, right?

You want to be a boxer?

Ahh, well… yeah… NO. Hell, no… I am better off driving my cab!

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