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June 3, 2009

Below is a recent comment on an old post, Who the Hell Killed Ninoy: Science vs. Legal Experts.   I am reposting it here to give it justice.

By Benito E. Molino, MD:

Corrections Are Needed

Hollow Point Bullet. This bullet fragments upon hitting its target. This was the bullet used by Galman in shooting Ninoy. Upon hitting the left mastoid of Ninoy (behind the left ear) the bullet fragmented in at least 3 major fragments: first fragment went straight UNDEFLECTED – upward,rightward and a little forward- lodging at the upper section of the right temporal bone (THIS IS THE BULLET’S TRAJECTORY- UPWARD,RIGHTWARD AND A LITTLE FORWARD); 2nd fragment went forward,a little upward and more forward in relation to the first fragment,hitting the basal surface of the petrous bone and was deflected downward and forward (take note that the water surface of placid lake could deflect a pebble thrown into it at a narrow angle,I was fond doing this when I was kid;and third much smaller fragment lodge also within the skull.

If you will say that a worried Ninoy was looking a little back to his escorts when he was shot behind the left ear,and your trajectory is forward and downward,the bullet therefore should somewhere in the vicinity of the right ear,NOT the front area of the lower jaw.

No Exit Point. The lower anterior section of the mandible was dissected to get the embedded fragment. No bullet fragment exited Ninoy’s head.

Gun Stippling inside the Left Ear. When a gun is fired at a close range,gunpowder residues (stippling) reached the skin or any surface within the range. Photographs taken during the autopsy of Ninoy showed stippling on the inner surface of his left ear. The skin in front of the left ear also showed stippling. This means that Ninoy was hit at the left side of his head,behind the left ear and NOT at the back of his head. Anybody who says Ninoy was shot at the “back of his head” should back-off a little bit and review his human anatomy,especially the head or better go back to your physics and do forensic experiment on this question of trajectory so that you can have an empirical basis on your claim. If you are damn right,I will retire as a forensic consultant and will request the Supreme Court to remove my name as the first Filipino doctor to whom they cited in their landmark “Writ of Amparo Doctrine” decision in favor of the tortured Manalo brothers.

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