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June 4, 2009

GMA is following a blueprint copied from Marcos.

An older friend’s analysis, over bottles of Red Horse and a platter of fried squid:

There’s a method in this madness.  She’s forcing a civil unrest to justify an emergency rule or a declaration of Martial Law.  She’s banking on her gangsters in Congress which will give it its imprimatur and a pliant Supreme Court which will rule in her favor.   She will probably arrest most of the members of the Senate leaving the Lower House all by itself.

It would be swift and brutal, no room for reason.


Unlike Marcos which had the military solidly behind him, she has a fractured one.

Unlike Marcos who had a sizable and formidable regional following and a passive majority giving him the benefit of doubt, she has only a backing of a small but fanatic bloc.

Unlike Marcos, she has no communist insurgency and separatist movement of similar magnitude to justify her drastic move.

Unlike Marcos which had the backing of the US to declare Martial Law, she has none.

Unlike Marcos who had no baggage of a dictator before him, she has it in Marcos himself.

Unlike Marcos who had a mandate untainted by a controversy as vulgar, she has “Hello, Garci!” to her name.

Unlike Marcos who had media controlled,  there is a cyberworld to deal with.

And, let’s face it.  Marcos was charismatic and never this unpopular in 1972; Gloria, if she has anything, she’s got a  long string of anomalies hounding her,  a repulsive persona, and an ugly mole on her face, that is all.

It is either a civil war, or an assassination because this one will do everything to escape prison–sell her soul if she must. (And avail of last- minute salvation for Christians, I butted in.)

But then, we hate blood. And we don’t want to hurt our women beyond slapping and kicking…

They should offer her a way out.

We finished ten bottles all.  I left him asleep on the sofa.

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  1. June 13, 2009 1:54 pm

    it took marcos 20 years to loot. it took gloria only a third. she deserves more than a slap and a kick.

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