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September 9, 2009

This morning,  I caught on ANC the tail-end of the presscon of Noynoy Aquino announcing his intention to run for President of the Philippines in 2010 at Club Filipino, heeding thus the “call of the people”.

My impressions and short notes:

1.  He was not reluctant.  No,  definitely, he was not.

2.  He’s articulate, which to me is a revelation because I never caught him talking that much on TV before.  More practice, he could be like Ninoy, at least in that department.

3.  His open-mouthed countenance will be the first thing for impersonators to make fun of.

4.  When asked about how he is going to fight corruption, he offered how her mother was never corrupt.  The necessary followup question, that pertaining to the so called Kamag-anak Incorporated, that notorious cabal of relatives in his mother’s time, did not come.   We have long been using the stick formula, he said; we should be using  the carrot-and-stick formula more.

5.  When called to comment about the state of justice in the Philippines, he cited as example the case of Antonio Trillanes as one case of serious injustice.   Maybe so, but the comment hit me more as a calibrated appeal to the followers of the senator.   Smart and ingenious!

6.  He took a dig on the cases of alleged hidden wealth of the late President Ferdinand Marcos as another case of  injustice to the people these cases having remained unsolved in the courts for too long.   Interesting to see how the Marcoses, who have initially expressed support for his candidacy, will react.   Of the Aquino children, Noynoy was the least conciliatory to the Marcos family.

7.  Where was Kris?

8.  What’s his plan for the Hacienda Luisita, btw?

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