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April 4, 2010

I was trying to summon the name from memory but could not.   Then I stumbled on it.

Daniel D. Dingel, the inventor who makes cars run on water.   He’s up and alive and he’s got a website.

More than forty years since inventing it, sadly, he is still looking for his ideal investor, one who he thinks will guard his invention from becoming a tool of destruction for his invention has a capacity for good as well as evil.   A patriotic soul, he dreams of using his invention to benefit the Filipino people.  As he preferred a government-funded endeavor, he showed it to government officials but laments total absence of interest to this day.

Assuming this invention is for real, there would be a lot of politics and economics involved. You think oil companies will take this sitting down? Or countries deriving their main income from oil will?  Not to mention that oil is a political commodity endowing tremendous power to those in control of the faucet.

Water displacing gasoline is sure to reconfigure a lot of things.  But first things first: is this for real?

Thanks, Mike Portes.

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