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June 24, 2010

Or maybe NASA is a little off the mark? Those who saw 2012, the movie that predicted the end of the world by then, according to various interpretations of the Mayan calendar, would probably think so. Off the mark or not, doomsday or not, it is a NASA warning, not some astrologer’s or psychic’s,  so this is one the world should take seriously:

Senior space agency scientists believe the Earth will be hit with unprecedented levels of magnetic energy from solar flares after the Sun wakes “from a deep slumber” sometime around 2013, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

In a new warning, Nasa said the super storm would hit like “a bolt of lightning” and could cause catastrophic consequences for the world’s health, emergency services and national security unless precautions are taken.

Scientists believe it could damage everything from emergency services’ systems, hospital equipment, banking systems and air traffic control devices, through to “everyday” items such as home computers, iPods and Sat Navs.

Due to humans’ heavy reliance on electronic devices, which are sensitive to magnetic energy, the storm could leave a multi-billion pound damage bill and “potentially devastating” problems for governments.

“We know it is coming but we don’t know how bad it is going to be,” Dr Richard Fisher, the director of Nasa’s Heliophysics division, said in an interview with The Daily Telegraph.

“It will disrupt communication devices such as satellites and car navigations, air travel, the banking system, our computers, everything that is electronic. It will cause major problems for the world.


But if  truly it is the end of the world, what is there to prepare for…

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  1. August 30, 2010 7:05 pm

    Haha.. I believe 2013 will be a repeat of automated elections. So it seems NASA knows something we don’t.

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