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August 27, 2010

Dear People of Hongkong,

We apologize.  We could feel your pain but is there something more we can do?

If anything at all, we hope you can see that there was no intention among us as a people to hurt.  There was no collective criminal intent.  It was  not  an act of a people bound by a murderous instinct. It was the act of one of us who’s gone crazy.   And we too were equally horrified that one among us was going to kill helpless people, more so visitors of our country,  for a problem they have got nothing to do with.  If only we had the power, if only it were possible, we could have seized him ourselves and pounded him to smithereens for exposing the entire country to disgrace and contempt.   Indeed, what a shame it ended the way it did!

To be sure, it was a deadly mix of  events that went way out of control and , yes,  gross incompetence.  But in case it escaped your notice, we  too cursed our authorities as the events deteriorated into chaos, gritted our teeth at the utter collapse of command structure and finally the whole nerve-wracking spectacle ending into a bloodbath.  The horror was as much as yours  as it was with us!

Painful as it is, as far as we are concerned, it should make us realize one thing:  that incompetence is dangerous, it could kill.  Yes, incompetence could kill.

I do not wish to join the head-bashing and finger pointing  going on here right now.  Suffice it to say, we too are at fault somehow,  in the scheme of things that make the world go round.  When will we ever learn our lessons?

Shame on us, shame on us…

And please don’t be mad at our President’s smiling face.  He didn’t mean it.  It’s just the way he is…

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