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September 7, 2010

I came across this comment on a thread at by one named malachi (with minor editing):

Noynoy is being treated unfairly and I think he doesn’t deserve all these flak he is getting.

He ran for candidate under the belief and intention that he was going to be President only in name and stature. Just like a monarch.  He was made to believe that the Presidency as presented to him, would be a walk in the park. . . a piece of cake. The plan was it would be Mar Roxas who will assume all the functions and of course, the problems of the Presidency. That would have been a perfect arrangement for the 2 sons of 2 ex -presidents. Noynoy gets the glory, stature and honor of of the Presidency now, while Mar prepares for his own assured Presidency on 2016.

But fate was unkind and Mar suffered an unexpected debacle in the polls. He lost while Noynoy, in all his cluelessness and unpreparedness for the job, found himself in a situation totally different from what he expected. He became the President of this country . Without Mar, President Noynoy is now forced to work as he never worked before . Responsibility and accountability stare at him every move he makes , and he has never been responsible and accountable for , and about, anything before this. He has always been political couch potato.

In other words this country was assured of a failed administration even before it began. Because of incompetence, inexperience and ineptitude, we now have a government in total disarray. Never before has Malacanang been as chaotic and disorganized, where its occupants run around in circles like chicken with no heads, making lots of uncoordinated and desynchronized announcements and pronouncements sounding just like an old broken washing machine.

All these are not Noynoy’s fault.

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