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February 11, 2011

Corruption is a symptom of a deeper malady— not the root cause.  When one falls for the trap that corruption is the mainspring,  like the doctor that keeps on prescribing pain relievers for a headache that is a symptom of a cancer, he shall rail and thunder against a symptom not the disease.  He has a platform to make him a pop icon, an anti-corruption crusader worthy of a pedestal, but has not the proper viewpoint to see the forest from the trees and set a real, long-lasting solution.

I agree with how Herman Tiu-Laurel puts the matter in perspective:

If one were to follow government corruption like a maze and work back to its starting point, one may well find this ridiculous government pay schedule as the root of it all. An AFP or PNP general, or even a Cabinet official, with just an official monthly salary that approximates the take home pay of a veteran call center agent doesn’t make sense.

MORE:  The root of RP’s systemic corruption by Herman Tiu-Laurel

Yet it goes even further.   For instance, why don’t or can’t  we pay our government personnel and officials more?  Answer: because we are poor, our coffers are near-empty and we are deep in debt.   Then comes, why are we poor?  And so on and so forth.

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