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April 20, 2011

I would have done a lot better in high school and college with this.   One thing about learning inside a classroom is that so many things beyond control could come in between: a professor who do not know how to teach, a bad hangover, a chick over at one corner, a noisy classmate, an allowance that did not arrive, a basketball game to play, the girlfriend back home, the unwashed laundry,   the moods,  the problems, the many distractions and so on and so forth.  And so something important that you should have learned just flew over your head instead.   You recall your teacher asking aloud, “do you follow?” or “did you understand anything at all?!”  It was often “no, i did not!” but hell if you would let others know you have a problem with your IQ!  So you just keep it to yourself and hope that the divine forces of the universe would resolve themselves later.

It need not be so now and what a lucky generation!  Welcome to Khan Academy.

Watch Salman Khan introducing his brainchild.

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