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September 12, 2011

Conspiracy theorists they are derisively called those who poke questions on the official story explaining the tragedy of  9/11.  But now that architects and engineers themselves are joining the swelling ranks of those challenging the established line, conspiracy theorists may just gain the upper hand.    Now, what happens when the alternative view  is indeed more compelling, with all the ramifications so profound and staggering?

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  1. Wanderer permalink
    December 29, 2011 11:44 am

    Inside job indeed. But do you really want to know the truth? How much truth can you handle? Okay let me sum it up for you really quick. Believe it or not, its up to you.

    1. Global democracy is an illusion. The world is controlled by a council of 13 from 13 families of 13 bloodlines.
    2. The human race was genetically engineered by extra terrestrials and has had repeated contacts with various extra terrestrials thousands of years ago as depicted by Sumerian, Mayan, and Egyptian glyphs.
    3. Mars once had an advanced civilization that destroyed itself after a nuclear war wiped out the planets atmosphere. Another advanced planet, Maldek, also destroyed itself but to a greater extent. The remnants of this planet is now what we call The Asteroid belt.
    4. Earth is currently under quarantine (like a Star Trek “prime directive”) by a galactic federation. They will only intervene if we go into nuclear war. The federation has made contact in the past with President Eisenhower.
    5. The purpose of life is not good vs. evil (heaven or hell). The purpose of life is pursue good or evil to its greatest extent (service to self or service to others). Each soul, reincarnating over several lives, must continually make this choice in order to strengthen one’s “polarity” or passion to the given path. The conditions for the exploration of both paths are best done in a planet filled with suffering (a planet with no suffering leads to very little spiritual growth just like rich spoiled kids become unmotivated and stunted when every need is provided). Once a soul reaches a certain negative or positive polarity (Genghis Khan and Himmler negative for example, or Martin Luther King and Mother Theresa positive for example) it reaches a higher vibrational frequency and is able to graduate to the next level of existence where it may continue to pursue the negative or positive path. The One Infinite Creator made this so it can experience itself to its fullest extent.


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