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May 22, 2012

Today, the Philippines’ Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona himself is taking the witness stand in the ongoing impeachment case filed against him, to make a final stand.

Is he guilty or innocent of the charges?

I wrote this on the comment thread that mostly has all but pronounce him guilty of some very terrible crime:

That the accused must be accorded the presumption of innocence until proven guilty is more for the benefit of the accuser than the accused.  For even if the accuser is correct, the only benefit to himself is having his own sense of justice satisfied— as if God will (ever) let this  an injustice pass.

What if indeed the accused turns out to be innocent?  Can you take it all back, the accusing thoughts, all that anger and hate and venom,  all those harsh condemning words written and said?  No, you can’t.  And all that will come haunting you back like a hideous monster.

Do not judge, the Good Book says.  I think it is for one’s own peace of mind, a word to the wise that by the limits of our own knowledge and understanding, we do not know enough to render one.

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