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May 25, 2012

In about an hour, Philippine Chief Justice Renato Corona would be returning to the Impeachment Court to face his accusers anew.  He is coming from the Medical City where he checked in after his walkout from the trial  following a lengthy discourse in defense of himself, triggering a backlash that fired up the anti-Corona forces all the more and disappointing even some of his supporters.   Before this, he also signed a waiver to his bank deposits, an act which stunned the audience but lost the wind when he gave conditions for its release; the condition: his accusers to also sign a waiver to their deposits.

I somewhat agree with Angela Stuart-Santiago’s take on the matter: it was a walkout that went awry.

But the dare to a waiver could yet reclaim lost ground– if finally he releases it now, without a condition.

I posted this comment:

If you believe he is guilty, or not quite sure but leaning towards that angle, the act (the walkout) sure looks contemptible deserving of the Court’s harshest punishment. If you dislike him, all the more. But try assuming he is innocent and you are in his shoes.

I was watching his demeanor all the time. How many times did he say, wala akong ninakaw, wala akong kasalanan or something in insistent, emphatic manner? I wanted to consult a psychologist: is that the demeanor of an innocent man or he is just truly a cocky, shameless, uncivilized person besides being an inveterate liar and corrupt and evil?

In any case, he should indeed go back and answer his accusers one last time. Better yet he should now hand over his waiver with a bravo to the three(?) who took up the dare.

A fitting finale would be him collapsing on the floor and dying right there.

His foes are not saying it but, all the jeering aside, they would rather that Corona hide himself.  They would even supply him with the alibi, if he solicited some, the better to  manifest and affirm guilt. Indeed, why can’t the bastard just go acting like a true blue evil that they say and think he is, and hide and flee instead ?!

Now, if he goes waving his waiver the second time around with the declaration “Your Honors, here it is, I am submitting to you my waiver…”  I would like to see a close up shot of Senator Drilon and Congressman Tupas.

“A fitting finale would be him collapsing on the floor and dying right there.”   I do not to wish it on him really but what a spectacular,  cinematic climax would it be.


Corona submits waiver, surprisingly, it is the prosecution which is blocking it.

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