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May 28, 2012

Indeed, we have almost forgotten now how it all began.   But certainly it was not about some dollar deposits undeclared in his SALN, or some secret properties.  You wonder, if the Corona Impeachment trial had these origins, would it have moved an inch from idea to execution?

Strange.  No one’s even mentioning about the TRO anymore.

Corona is nearing Judgment Day.  As this is written, the prosecution is making its final case: that Corona is a crook.

To contest the accusation that he is hiding some ill-gotten wealth, he issued a blanket waiver to his cash deposits  But his tormentors oddly dodged instead, wanting none of it now, claiming it was too late for the day.  One thing to accuse and be proven correct, another to be proven wrong.   Now, if the waiver be any hint, aha, might be a smarter bet then to just leave it there— untouched.

Some mysteries are better left mysterious; some questions, better left unanswered.

Magnanakaw— such a severe, condemning description.  Thief.  Plunderer.  The Chief Justice, a THIEF.

I surmise, if one were a true thief, such accusing words would probably mean little, for it comes with the territory, this minor, gentle irritation.

But I wonder how such would grate on the soul of an innocent one.  Magnanakaw.  Imagine yourself being called Magnanakaw.   I cringe at the thought.   As a young boy I wept for hours and sulked for days for a false charge of a much lesser magnitude, the anguish and hurt I remember till now.

Yet  the accusers are having their heyday.  They bask on it.  They revel in it.  All in the name of Good Governance.  Beware, I think to myself, the day will come when the Fates turn the table on you, places switched.

I am sympathetic to Corona.  Oddly though, I want him convicted.  Interesting what he will become after.  Stripped of power and all benefits, he would be the martyr who was swarmed upon and crushed helpless by the might of the entire government machinery and a horde of fanatics. With plenty of time in his hand he would be going around forum after forum repeating the old challenge for the President and his allies— Drilon, Fariñas,  and Tupas most especially— to sign a waiver in the name of transparency and accountability, while waving a copy of the very waiver he signed.   The public will lap it up, in fact, he could well turn to be PNoy’s most genuine and effective ambassador for Tuwid na Daan, except that ironically PNoy himself and his allies will be the most vulnerable target.

On the other hand, acquittal, to my mind, would be mostly an empty win and it will not give him peace of mind.   The Yellow Horde will make sure of that. Unless he quits pronto after.    To be sure, sadly, this trial too has also stripped him stark naked now and reduced him to an ordinary mortal with all the imperfections exposed, that the high regard given his office makes him now appear unfit, whether he likes it or not..

Any which way,Corona is finished as far as being CJ is concerned, but there are glorious finishes and inglorious ones.  It is how graceful the curtain falls sometimes.

He could run for the Senate later and seek his true vindication.

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