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May 30, 2012

Dear Chief Justice Corona,

So now you are judged guilty

If indeed your conscience is clear as you claim it to be, your Calvary has only just begun.  The road to vindication is a long, long one.

The hypocrites are rejoicing but let them be.  Their fraudulence will be bared in time for all to see.  But only if indeed you are hiding nothing shady.

The last thing you should do is appeal your case to your peers at the Supreme Court.  Don’t.  It would only make you appear pathetic, like a drowning man who deserves to drown hopelessly clinging on the last straws.  Your vindication is not there.

And don’t withdraw your blanket waiver as in fact you should wave it like a flag for all to see.  It is now your best weapon to clear your name—if indeed you are clean as you claim to be.

The first thing you should do is dare the Ombudsman and the rest of all government agencies involved in anti-corruption drive to conduct starting immediately, armed with the blanket waiver you have issued, a full-dress investigation of all your assets and properties to determine once and for all if any of these are tainted with any disreputable origins at all— if indeed you are as clean as you claim to be.

The second is issue the most important challenge of all, for the President himself,  the torchbearer of Daang Matuwid, the prime mover of your ouster,  to sign a blanket waiver as you yourself have done to manifest in symbolic and in no uncertain terms that his crusade is guided by principle and not by ill motives cloaked in principle.  The other is for the President to direct all government employees, starting with his own Cabinet, to issue the same with an accompanying directive that he who refuses to do so, is deemed voluntarily resigned.

The third is to repeat the call to all prosecutors and the signers of impeachment, including now those who have judged him guilty to  follow suit, else, they should all relinquish their own positions in government.

The next is to challenge all those so-called good government advocates, civil society groups, media personalities, and everyone who joined the call for your impeachment and who worked tirelessly to assist in having you ousted from your position to join the call for all government officials to take up the challenge of signing a waiver to manifest that their actions were truly motivated by genuine desire to effect social change and not by other dubious motivations

And lastly, to lead a citizen’s signature campaign,  a Sign Your Waiver Movement, to finally begin a genuine cleansing of ourselves of  corruption, including of these dregs called Hypocrites.

The road to redemption is steep and rocky.  But it is your duty to yourself and the people you love and to all those who care about justice that you redeem yourself— if indeed you are clean as you claim to be.

But as you must have noticed, these are predicated with the phrase “if indeed you are clean as you claim to be”.

Else, well, pack your things and leave as fast as you can.  Find a place where you could hang yourself in shame.

Better yet, take a hike to the highest peak and jump to your own death.  At least, do the right thing to save your family name.

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  1. May 31, 2012 10:26 am

    Who was it who said, ‘waiver waiver lang yan’?

    Seriously, if you believe in the primacy of the Constitution over statutes, bank secrecy is no more for public officials. The waiver is not at all necessary.

    Now, if the SC decides the PSB certiorari petition where the main issue is the validity of the bank secrecy statute in the FCDA, we would get all this properly in the clear. But what if the SC goes a u-turn and holds that the issue is moot?

    • June 1, 2012 1:50 am

      I am not a lawyer, so I do not assume I could deal well on legal matters: validity of bank secrecy laws, primacy of one over the other, etc.

      Bank secrecy laws had their economic purpose: to trap/entice money otherwise hidden under mattresses, vaults, secret rooms, hidden caches, foreign banks, and elsewhere because of dubious origins back into the banking system. In the older days these probably counted in billions. But laws could not be made to serve a purpose so precise, or so confined; there is always unwanted if unintended spinoff, like securing safe shelter for loots, encouraging looters.

      Bank secrecy lifting for government officials? I do not know. If you want to see past bank records, once lifted, and run after those who hid their loot there, that would be a riot. I do not know that corrupt officials would just as suddenly become not corrupt because there is no more bank secrecy law. But I know that it would drive up the sale of vaults and make money laundering business more lucrative to siphon loot to more hospitable banks abroad.

      “Waiver waiver lang yun”. Essentially that is what the President is saying now perhaps to mock the challenge of Corona. But he is the torchbearer of Daang Matuwid, the most ardent advocate of transparency and accountability… they say he even promised the same during his campaign, so…. Apparently it is a choice between being called a hypocrite and being heckled out of power.

  2. June 1, 2012 2:37 am

    the lifting of bank secrecy is pretty limited if all that happened was that part of the FCDA were declared unconstitutional. it would mean the Ombudsman or a court can look into $ bank accounts. but not the prying or preying media.

    • June 1, 2012 4:29 am

      Just the same, If I know the Ombudsman or the courts could by any chance look into my bank accounts anytime in the future, I would be stupid to hide my loot in any bank, right? But just because I cannot hide it in a bank does not mean I could not hide it, right?

      • June 1, 2012 3:07 pm

        yes, of course.. MDS said as much (in effect, it would be in cash in safes), or in the name of ‘trustees’.

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