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January 11, 2013

Conrado de Quiroz, a known rabid anti-Marcos advocate believes that for the sake of historical justice,  the effort of recovering the entirety of the so-called Marcos fortune and eventually dispossessing and punishing the Marcoses must continue.   If the very agency created to run after the Marcos fortune, the PCGG, is to end for failing to do its mission, as its own head now proposes,  he says the task should then be transferred to something like a Truth Commission not to DOJ, because the task is larger than life itself,  and DOJ is not grand enough for the role, or something…

Oh well…

Strangely, picking on the likes of him gives a perverse sense of satisfaction.   Proffering contrary views to otherwise popularly accepted opinions, is akin to a mosquito taunting a dragon.  But depending on the strength and weight of the argument it could very well be like carrying the deadly dengue virus.

I left this comment on the comment thread:

In a nutshell, this is the customary approach to Marcos’
unexplained wealth: Marcos is wealthy beyond imagination.  He could not have possibly built such fortune
with just his salary as a government official.
Therefore, he looted the treasury.

Less the hate, one can see the problem with the foregoing conclusion,
with a basic premise missing.   You learn that in Logic 101.

All the same, for anyone who knows the ins and outs of
government finances and budgeting, one cannot loot the treasury, especially so
at such a magnitude, without leaving a wide, open trail of documents to show
the looting.    Yet, it
is a wonder that, for all the zeal and fervor that followed the ouster of the
“plunderer”, the government auditors and PCGG investigators assigned the task have
not found anything substantial and solid, after all the years of sleuthing, to
bolster their case.  Why is that?

For another, it should mystify the people that while Marcos
was supposedly busy “emptying” the treasury wholesale, he was also building enormous
projects that demanded huge funding.  For
comparison, on a relatively bigger budget and ever-increasing public debt,
those who came after could only show little.
How is that?

Now, what about exploring the possibility that the source of
that wealth was somewhere else?  Aha, no,
you can’t! Hahaha.  Stew in your own

Curiously, while points raised are clear enough for anyone to debunk and tear down to pieces,  I have yet to meet someone who does so.   I wonder, if they stand on solid ground about the so-called Marcos ill-gotten wealth, why, it should be a breeze!

Yet, this is typical:

Haang dami mo sulat, walang saysay – kundi ang defending the indefensible. Stew mo lolo mo!

Hahaha! How intelligent!

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