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July 14, 2014

Talks have it that the Marcoses are about to release a book containing the complete diaries of the late President Ferdinand Marcos written over many years, starting in the late 60s to the end of his life.

My guess is September 11 at the earliest, coinciding with the old man’s birthday, if at all.  It should help explain many of the controversies and questions left unanswered up to now.

For some reason though, several pages have long ago landed in private hands like the collection of Manuel L. Quezon III (MLQ3) published in his The Philippine Diary Project,which I have been perusing lately.

This entry dated January 1, 1970 picked my curiosity.

marcos foundation 1Marcos foundation 2Marcos foundation 3Marcos foundation 4Marcos foundation 5

We should be asking about the Ferdinand Marcos Foundation.  Was it fiction or real?

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  1. April 6, 2016 1:27 pm

    Late President Marcos was given his wealth. Then why we have should be reacted again for such a nonsense. Come to think, he was given to the people suffers a lot. Now you are arguing on that cost. Well, why you should past it to the press then people will decided to be. Im not protecting Marcos but can you be more philosopical. Why dont you turn over that through the Suprem Court and take a case that the wealth that they given is now wealth of the country? And showbto Marcos Family that their wealth is for the pilipino.

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