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October 1, 2014

Dear Joeam,

I would be posting these on your comment thread, but I noticed I have been blocked on your blog.  Just some tech glitz, I thought, until I noted I was also removed on your Philippine Blog Center…

Well, just to be clear,  I am not complaining.  It’s your blog after all, though I can’t help wondering why.  Is it the series on Marcos that turned you off?  Whatever.

Nonetheless, I do thank you for my inclusion on your blogroll  in the past even without me requesting it.

I remember in the old days when you were daring all comers to give you their best knockdown shot and linking everyone who gets your fancy, agreeable or not, it seems now you have taken sides and cleaning up, eh?

Anyway, what’s the matter?  Your Noynoy Aquino, A Kaleidoscopic President is probably the most incredible bootlicking I have ever read from you.  Now, I do not mind your personal preferences, we all have our biases and favorites, and we fawn over our favored ones, but I take issue with this:

Mr. Aquino will fire someone when he wants to. Not when outraged netizens or a purchased-money press or leftist cranks demand it. This is a feature of the President we can see if we look at his aggressive determination in the kaleidoscope and twist the tube so that the determination is affixed to his staff. He is a loyal boss to his immediate subordinates. What is important to him is the work they are doing, not what those who are not accountable think about it.

See, you are practically cheering incompetence,  the implication being that coddling them incompetents is good and most admirable.

Who are those people you  casually dismiss as “netizens or a purchased-money press or leftist cranks” demanding PNoy fires someone?    In case you missed them because you are blinded by the glow, they are people who daily brave long, horrible traffic gridlocks, miles-long queues on MRT/LRT lines, commuter trains that conk out at the middle of the rail,  and possibly are a disaster waiting to happen…  They are people with families to feed but now has to pay almost double on rice and other basic foodstuffs…  They are people who are paying incredible rates on their monthly bills on water and electricity and soon may suffer another increase plus long rotating brownouts…  They are businessmen whose businesses are threatened by even higher cost of doing business because we have as it is already the highest electricity rates in the region…  They are citizens who see worsening criminality and deteriorating peace and order making them feel increasingly apprehensive of the safety and security of their person and properties…  They are people who endured neglect and slow response amidst unspeakable destruction after a cataclysmic typhoon…   They are farmers and entrepreneurs who see unabated smuggling threatening their livelihood… They are people helplessly suffering from the consequences of utter incompetence, negligence, and irresponsibility of people in charge…

These, Joeam, are the people whose hardships you take lightly and what gall they have to demand a President to fire those responsible individuals.

Will I enumerate the people in the President’s cabinet who are largely responsible for these terrible problems? No I won’t.   You know them, Joeam.

Bottomline, Joeam, is competence;  repeat, competence.  But you are practically applauding the President for his loyalty to these people, and how good a leader he is for being so!  Hahaha what the heck!  I was hoping you would at least advise the President to assess honestly his people’s capabilities and fire those dragging him down but…

And we have not even mentioned corruption…

I know you are most admiring of the President’s war against corruption. But running after your enemies to the ends of the earth with hammer and thongs for their corruption, and putting all defense shields and covert support for your friends and allies on the same score—hahaha that is not war on corruption, Joeam.   Truly, I am amazed that, for all your intellect, you are buying the line; c’mon, where’s your intellectual integrity?

On that smile you call a grimace.  No, Joe, find a clean copy, replay it a hundred times and see for yourself if indeed it is not a smile.  A  strange smile it is, indeed, but I leave it to a professional psychologist to interpret.

As for the Bangsamoro peace deal, good luck, but I do not see success on this one.  It is one thing to wish, and the wish is most noble, but it is another to have the skills and wisdom to see it through success.  Still, good luck to the President.

About the only thing I agree with you is the President’s stance on China, but I think the President should tone down on his braggadocio.

See, I can grant that Noynoy, the President, is a good man, but that is all.

But as a friend who works in government once intoned, unbelieving, “you mean he did not have commissions on his own PDAF then?…  you mean he has no cuts on all those projects and deals now?…  you mean he has no share on the jueteng operations?… you mean he is totally clean, really, owwws, c’mon now!  See, in government, you take your cut; if you don’t, somebody else will!”

That is all.  But hey, just thinking, are you having any problem with immigration?

Yours truly,


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  1. Dick s. O'rosary permalink
    October 22, 2014 7:28 am

    hi there, that article made me cringe too. I’ve never seen anyone write something that so blatantly shows how much he idolizes a man. He brings his son into it too, claiming that he wrote that piece for his kid. Joeam is probably slipping and/or has become fixed in his ways. Another cringe inducing article: Kris Aquino the national empath. Come on what was that about? And lately, his site’s front page is full of stuff about Binay. Talk about joining the yellow bandwagon.

    • October 23, 2014 3:06 am

      Hi there Dick. I guess we all choose which side we are on at some point.

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