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November 21, 2014

Does Vice-President Jojo Binay belong to the Opposition?

No, I think NOT.  As much as I try to persuade myself he does, the more I find the man an impostor.

One, why would the supposed topmost leader of the Opposition be angling, even imploring, to be anointed by the President no less, to become the standard bearer of the ruling party in the next election?  Odd, stupendously odd.  Weird things happen in Philippine politics, but this is in the order of That’s Incredible.

Two, when did he ever uphold or support the contrary stand of the Opposition on matters of grave importance?   As far as I could remember, he was consistently a silent bystander .  Well, he did say some adverse words attacking the administration recently but obviously out of hurt over the investigations being conducted into alleged anomalies involving him by allies of the President.

Three, he is a close, extremely loyal Aquino family friend… he was, is, and will always be Yellow— he made that clear in more ways than one.  And he intends to keep the color for good.  So, unless he is betrayed, he will remain so…

It is this knowing that works me up time and again into teasing those fierce anti-Binay PNoy fans , and boy I just love it.    But this is also why I am profoundly perplexed why some known anti-PNoy personalities would be so excited about Jojo Binay leading the challenge to the PNoy administration.  Are they being naive?

Right now,  PNoy is really deciding between only two on who to anoint in the 2016 Presidential derby:  Mar Roxas and  Jojo Binay.   The problem of PNoy with Binay is the latter’s plunging reputation due to allegations of massive corruption, but it is a testament to Binay’s durability that he remains a distant front runner in surveys.  With PNoy’s endorsement, Binay is a sure winner.  But how could PNoy, the torchbearer of  Daang Matuwid, endorse one who is being accused of corruption, at such a scale yet, without disgracing himself?    On the other hand, the problem with Mar Roxas, his supposedly more preferred choice, is the exact opposite:  he is perceived as clean/not corrupt alright, but his survey numbers are so disappointing as to predict this early, he can never win.

In the end, I think it will be the dictates of realpolitik  prevailing— winnability— and so Binay will be Pnoy’s candidate in the next Presidential election.  The anti-Binay Daang Matuwid believers will be banging their heads in grave disappointment indeed but, well,  they will learn to love Binay.

The Opposition, or whatever remains of it, on the other hand would be left to hang dry on the wayside. Unless they wake up to the reality soon enough that Binay is not among them and so must find someone else from among their ranks to raise the flag.

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