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December 9, 2014

Behold, another communist is being placed on a pedestal.

The trouble with these re-invigorated efforts to extol those so-called freedom fighters of old who fought the Marcos Dictatorship is— it seems that all of them were Communists, or somehow linked with the Communists!  I wonder why.

The inevitable question thus comes: were they fighters against dictatorship and for the cause of freedom— or fighters for the cause of communism? Which is which?:  Communism never equated with freedom.

If unwittingly, it does seem instead to validate Marcos’ claim then that his government was waging a war against armed communists whose ultimate goal was to seize control of government, the reason why he declared Martial law, assumed dictatorial powers and extended his term by default.

Of course the anti-Marcos forces would have none of that:  pooh,  it was all about his barbaric nature, his greed for power and wealth, period!

So, okay, will UP come next with Professor Joma Sison?   See, the man endured more than Jopson ever did and far longer.

But it helps pondering about:  what if the Marcos government went more softly on them instead? Rather than drive them into the mountains to be fighting with the underground movement, what if the government did not fight,  just let them Communists rove about and allowed them free rein? I reckon, with its armed component, the NPA,  along with the support of the media, and of popular politicians like Ninoy Aquino, academic scholars and intellectuals, plus the masses behind them, they could very well have prevailed easily.  Now, imagine Edjop and his communist comrades marching into Malacañang Palace as victors, to the jubilant cheering of the people.

I wonder if we would not have ended up as another Cambodia or Vietnam– just another vast, gruesome Killing Fields.

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