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January 30, 2015



First of all, my salute to the 44 PAF commandos.  Farewell, guys!  Of your heroic death, every great soul would be envious.  Would I prefer death due to disease or old age over a glorious end?

Success has many fathers, they say; failure is always an orphan.  Indeed.   Were it a successful operation, everyone would be pushing and falling over each other claiming credit.   It’s me, I did it! Not you! But because a tragic failure it was, it’s finger pointing galore.  No, not me. Not my fault. It’s him, it’s them!  Human nature?

In crisis, they say, a man reveals himself.  Indeed.   Take that officer who courageously owned up to it forthwith: I take full responsibility, he declares. In my book, that’s the mark of a true, brave leader.  Ready to fall for his failings if he failed.   By contrast,  the cowardly kind always evades and hides at the first hint of trouble,  yet quick to grab credit otherwise.

By their extravagant words and fancy acts, by their strange omissions and additions, the cowards and pretenders give themselves away.   By contrast, the brave ones shine by their silence and equanimity.  They seek not the attention and accolade,  as by their knowing alone they are sufficiently gladdened.

I hope the peaceniks would shut up if only for awhile.  Everyone wants peace, who does not? But forty four of your own people has just been massacred, for God’s sake, and there you are almost on your knees pleading for peace, with neither a condemnation nor a call for accountability!   It is simply pathetic, almost bizarre.   It is like saying, kill a thousand more of our men, we will never tire of begging for peace. The MILFs and BIFFs must be amused if somewhat perplexed.

A lesson in negotiation: never negotiate from a position of weakness.

Yet, we are  flaunting like a badge of honor our weakness: we do not have the guts for violence! we will do everything to avoid war! All that orating about the virtues of peace and the evils of war is wonderful indeed but the other side is reading it as a sign of weakness: you fools do not have the stomach for war, we own you!   No wonder the MILF are exploiting it to the limit— by daring us to a war if they do not get what they want.  Just a few days after the massacre, instead of showing some signs of remorse, the leader was quoted as saying it will be worse if the ongoing peace talks is ever affected.   That sounded more like a threat. What gall!   By our constant pleadings for peace, we make ourselves look a weakling, thus we command neither fear nor respect.  Just contempt.

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