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March 9, 2015

All the troubles in Mindanao today are said to have been mostly triggered by the privilege speech of Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. in 1968.  The speech, historical for its significance for many reasons, has been on occasions misinterpreted and misrepresented.   For instance, it is claimed that this speech actually exposed the so-called Jabidah Massacre consequently kindling Muslim separatism.  But did it really?  Some even contend that this speech is treasonous in nature for exposing a state secret, undermining in the process the Philippines’ legitimate claims on Sabah.   A closer re-reading of the speech could clarify many misconceptions.  For perceptive ones, it even offers a glimpse into Ninoy’s soul.

Who is Jabidah?
What is Jabidah?

Jabidah, Mr. President, is the name of a ravishing, stunning and beautiful woman in Muslim lore and legend.

As Muslim legend has it, Jabidah turned a countless number of Muslim men.

As it turns out now, however, her name might well have been Helen — Helen whose matchless beauty launched a thousand ships and laid the great Greek states to siege and waste.

For as things are, as I found them in my flying spot investigation of the muddled Corregidor Affair at its root, in the Sulu isles, Jabidah is the codename for a sinister design of President Ferdinand E. Marcos.

It is the codename for a supposedly super-secret, twin-goaled operation of President Marcos to wipe out the opposition — literally, if need be — in 1969 and to set this country on a high foreign adventure.

It is the codename, Mr. President, for Mr. Marcos’ special operation to insure his continuity in power and achieve territorial gains.

It is an operation so wrapped in fantasy and in fancy that — pardon the pun, Mr. President — it is not at all funny.

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One columnist, Rigoberto Tiglao, did a comprehensive recount and analysis of the intervening events afterwards, the political opportunism and maneuverings that followed, the lies behind the scenes and the involvement of Malaysia in the entire narrative.  A reading of these could help in better understanding the ongoing peace negotiations with the MILF and the ramifications of the Bangsamoro Basic Law being now pushed for ratification and approval.




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