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April 17, 2015

Peace is a condition most desired, always the ideal.  Who the hell ever wants war?  War is a most horrible thing.  It destroys.  It kills.  It is hell on earth. Only war freaks and arms makers and dealers would welcome it.

Yet peace must be found on solid ground.  Peace at all cost is laying it on thin ice.   It is cowardly. It is dangerous.

Now, the way I see it, this peace being relentlessly pursued presently in Mindanao by the government with the insurgent MILF is of this kind: peace at all cost.   Step back and you see a government practically begging for it on its knees.  It is like we are prepared to offer anything in the altar of peace just to earn the good side of the rebels and so peace we get.  It looks so like we are too bloody scared they get offended lest they go on a rampage and woe unto us all.  Look how the President, the government peace negotiators,  and the political allies have banded together in defense of the dissident group from all issues, and they are many, against all comers:  the  bloody Mamasapano massacre,  its connections with terrorists,  its dubious links with Malaysia,  its veiled threats of war if it does not get what it wants,  the clandestine buildup for war, the belated discovery of the use of aliases and refusal to reveal their true identities, issues of unconstitutionality of the proposed BBL, suspicions of nationality, doubtful leadership standing over Mindanao being a small minority,   meddling foreign interests  and other disturbing issues.     Nothing it seems should get in the way.   Each time, the government takes to lecturing on how important peace must be had instead— and quickly now.  Then accuses everyone opposed to it as enemies of peace.

This is the way to peace?

Negotiate from a position of strength always, wise men say.   From any angle, it looks like we are negotiating from a position of weakness.   And the other side seemingly smells it that from a mile away and so is exploiting it to the hilt by pushing harder and harder still.

In the name of peace, for the sake of peace, that is all we are hearing.  Peace. Peace. Peace.  No to war.  War is terrible.  War is costly.   Yet I recall, in older times, did not the collaborators go into traitorous act of sleeping with the enemies, even ratting on the revolutionaries because peace to them was far more desirable than anything else?   It seems like we are prepared too for the break up of the Republic IN THE NAME OF PEACE.

Know thy enemy.  Here is how ‘Iqbal’, the MILF peace negotiator ( he whose true name must not be known) regards the ongoing peace process:

If war uses the force of arms to achieve both military and political objectives, negotiation pursues the same goals through the skillful use of language and diplomacy. If war, as once aptly put, is an extension of politics, and negotiation is an aspect of war, then negotiation is war in another form.

And what exactly is the ultimate objective of the MILF?   Is it not to establish an independent Islamic state?   Negotiating for peace with the government is part of the strategy.   Every gain it gets from the peace deal is but a strategic advancement towards the ultimate objective.

Ahh, when cowards mistake their cowardice for some sort of  passion for the cause of peace…

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