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October 1, 2015

 You have to take notice.  When people are screaming their lungs out and getting hysterical like it is some rock concert of a top artist or a boxing match between Pacquiao and Mayweather, you have to take notice.   When the streets normally choked with traffic are suddenly clear because drivers are taking time out to watch it, all the more so.  I took first notice when it made the front page of Inquirer.   Hey, this must be different, I thought. Now, I may sound snobbish but Pinoy shows, more so involving cheesy showbiz love stories, do not normally get my attention.  Sure, I watch Eat Bulaga occasionally to entertain myself but that show does not qualify as a favorite.  You have to drag me down kicking and screaming to have anything to do with this sort of thing.  But because it made front page, well, I got curious, in a scholarly sort of way, if I may say.      I searched it on Youtube, watched some episodes to orient myself, then, in the spirit of fun and lighthearted exchange, I got me sharing this opinion:

Why do people love Aldub?  Because it caters to our human instinct for love. People are hooked by the sight of the pair who are obviously attracted to one another engaged in fanciful amorous play.  It is not acting, no faking it, it is real. That’s where the magic is coming from.  Who is it who said, all the world loves a lover.

Just my two-cent worth shared over Disqus.

Yet it is true, you could sense it when two people are smitten with each other, even from a distance.  You could sense it too if it’s all acting, no matter how good the actors are.   The genuineness and spontaneity of the act are probably what makes it all spark up…, the sparkle in the eyes, the smiles and giggles breaking out, the face turning red, that all-too-noticeable edginess …On screen, camera up close, those subtle yet unmistakable signs are magnified, there is no hiding it. No, the best of acting could not fake these.  It helps of course that the two protagonists make a beautiful pair, together a sight to behold.

Perhaps too, it is instinctive.  The couple are humans like the rest of us after all, so we feel it too, we relate, we connect in some sort of way, stirring a collective primal instinct for passion and romance, in turn creating a colossal mass of happy, agitated oglers/onlookers shrieking, screaming and all.   Indeed, we Filipinos are not known as hopeless romantics for nothing.

I wonder— is this not somehow equivalent to pornography: pornography is to sex,  AlDub is to Love?  If there such a thing as love voyeurism, this could be it.   And lucky we are for these ‘exhibitionists’ in our midst.

If the screams getting louder and the crowds getting even bigger are any measure, this one is a true social phenomenon.  It is top Twitter trending topic now, breaking records of sort.  It is now becoming a hot topic in discussion circles that even social scientists, experts, and academicians who normally would recoil from such a subject matter are joining the fray.   They are attempting to explain it in so many terms,  from so many perspectives,  employing tortured concepts and theories as varied as there are.

I think it is simply all about Love.  That crazy little thing called Love.


We all know about Love, of course, but talk about it on the intellectual level, we don’t. Love is never a cerebral issue meriting serious scholarly attention.   There are no theories about it comparable to, say, Einstein’s Relativity Theory, or Law of Thermodynamics or Moore’s Law. We do not dissect Love like we do the atoms or the molecules or the light particles.  There is no such a thing as  Science of Love.   We do not seek to know or understand how Love affects or influences anything at all, in the same way  we try to figure out how atoms behave or how chemicals mix to produce another compound or how a new policy could shape the social order.

Yet even by our own mere personal experience, we know Love to be such a powerful force, undefinable but powerful.  Heck, we know that power so well from at least one encounter in our lives especially during our younger years, when it possessed us and ruled our existence.    On a larger extent,  it is said that many a great, incredible feats of mankind are inspired by that power.

Needless to say, there are all kinds of Love.   There is that love between a man and a woman (like the Aldub couple),  there is parental love, love of country,  love of fellowmen…  But we all can agree that Love is indeed a great force all on its own.


If anything, Aldub is a timely reminder about the magnificent power of Love (never mind that intellectuals find it shallow for all the wacky inanities wrapped around it).  Love can do wonders not only between two people.  It does too in other ways in other aspects of life.

Have we not been intellectualizing our human condition too much, we have overlooked the one most powerful force within us?

Spread the Love, say the Aldub fans.  Maybe we all should.

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