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October 2, 2015

Homobono Adaza,  one of the opposition leaders during the Marcos presidency,  in a piece about revolutions, confesses to a change of heart:

This is a footnote to history. In my last one and one with President Marcos in a wooden and rattan sofa on a passage way at the back of his office, this conversation took place:

President Marcos: “You know Pañero, you should join me for several reasons. First, we both graduated from the UP College of Law. Second, we both dream dreams for our country, Third, you are an ideologue and so am I.” Then, he paused after what seemed to be an eternity, and he continued, “And on top of that we are two of a kind.”

My reply was direct to the point: “I cannot join you, Mr. President, for two reasons. If I join you now what will people think of me – that you bought me. And if they think of me in those terms, I might as well resign as governor because then I no longer deserve my people. Besides, what will happen to your propaganda that democracy exists in the Philippines because of people like me? It will go down the drain. Moreover, there is no royal road to the Promised Land. You travel yours and I travel (mine). One day we will meet there.”

Reviewing the programs of Marcos and their implementation, I feel very deeply today that I should have joined President Ferdinand Marcos in his terminal years. I should have sacrificed my erroneous perception of the smudge in my honor and integrity if I joined him. I should have thought of the country first – even if in the interim some people would have thought ill of me by joining President Marcos.

But I am not God. Like any human being, no matter how brilliant and talented, I also commit mistakes. At least I am honest to admit my mistakes because I hate pretenses and pretenders of all kinds.

Maybe, if I joined him, the history of the country would have changed. But of course that’s a lot of speculations and speculations do not make history.

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  1. John Christian Canda permalink
    July 7, 2018 12:54 pm

    Aside from ex-MP Homobono Adaza, the late and former Senator and MP Eva Estrada-Kálaw, a cousin of Ninoy, also opposed both Marcos and Cory.

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